Biotecnologie BT S.r.l.

Biotecnologie BT srl is a CRO consisting of 2 GLP and GEP Research Centres, Biosphers located in Northern Italy and Biotecnologie BT situated in Central Italy. The Company offers cutting-edge equipment extending over a total area of 3000 m2 including laboratories, greenhouses and an Insectarium, among the largest in Europe. Both Test Facilities have highly qualified staff with degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Agronomy and Natural Sciences.

Biotecnologie BT
srl, thanks to a long experience and a consolidated know-how is able to provide its Customers with a complete and competitive range of activities and studies, in order to support the registration dossier of different kind of products:

  • APlant Protection Products (chemical and biological)

  • Veterinary Medicinal Products

  • Biocides

  • Pharmaceutical Products

All tests are performed in compliance with international Guidelines (OECD, IOBC/WPRS, ESCORT, CIPAC, ICH etc.).

Biotecnologie BT
can count on the peculiarities of each of the two Research Centers in order to guarantee a quality performance to suit customer needs. In particular, Biotecnologie BT is specialized in environmental impact assessment of agrochemicals , chemical and biological products, veterinary medicinal products and biocides. It has developed a strong internal know how to evaluate in laboratory and in greenhouse, the efficacy of different type of products vs different targets. The main activities performed are:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicological studies
  • Efficacy trials: lab and greenhouses tests vs pests
  • Biocides studies
  • Physical- Chemical properties

While Biospheres has a long an consolidated experience in the field of agrochemical, chemical and xenobiotic products, and it is specializes in chemical and physical characterization , in 5 –batch analysis, in residual analysis and environmental fate of pesticides. Moreover, it is able to carry out efficacy evaluation of agrochemicals and studies on processed matrices (jam, wine, juice, oil, etc.). The main activities carried out are:

  • Physical-Chemical properties

  • Analytical methods (development and validation)

  • Residue studies (field and analytical)

  • Efficacy field trials

  • Studies on processed matrices

  • Environmental fate and behaviour studies

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